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St Sophia’s School is a Greek School that meets every Saturday morning (9.30am-1.15pm) in order to teach Greek language, culture, history and traditions to pupils aged 5-18 who attend English schools during the week.

The aim of the School is to provide weekly education in Modern Greek language, culture, history and orthodoxy. The syllabus is carefully structured to include extensive preparation for the GCSE and A level examinations in Modern Greek. The School is open to all children regardless of origin.

The School has its origin in the Greek Cathedral of St. Sophia and thus has a tradition of charitable assistance to a significant proportion of its students. A number of bursaries are always available upon application, administered by the person(s) designated by the Governors from time to time. In this way, the school performs a public benefit while fulfilling its educational and cultural aims.

The School is a registered charity No. 1138475.